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Team Italia

Mattia Bordignon - Teammedlem

Basert: Thiene
Favorittvann: Ghost Park

Favorittrigg: Combi Rig

Mest brukte BMG Tackle-produkter: Wide, CSR, Peel Coated Hooklink, RigorLink Chod Filament, Lead Clip with Pin, Hawser Leadcore og High Density Tungsyen Putty

Italy 2
Italy 5

Nicoló Bordignon - Teammedlem

Basert: Vicenza
Favorittvann: Innsjøer

Favorittrigg: Blowback Rig

Mest brukte BMG Tackle-produkter: Curve , R-Curve , R-Circle ,
XL Kicker , Rig Rings , Cored leadFree Leader / Hooklink ,
High Density Tungsten Putty og Sinew Supple Braid

Maikol Gorzoni - Teammedlem

Basert: Ostiglia
Favorittvann: Elver

Favorittrigg: Standard hårrigg

Mest brukte BMG Tackle-produkter: Spur, Peel Coated Hooklink, Tungsten Line Aligners, Quick Swivel, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves, Lead Clip System og Hawser Leadcore

Italy 6

Michael Pantoli - Teammedlem

Basert: Ravenna
Favorittvann: Elver og store innsjøer

Favorittrigg: D Rig

Mest brukte BMG Tackle-produkter: R-Curve, RigorLink Chod Filament, Micro Ring Swivel, Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers, Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves og Hawser Leadcore

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